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All World Ento Insects and Insect Products are made in the U.S. (unless otherwise noted) and up to our rigorous standards.


Good Karma Killing – All insects are harvested with World Ento’s freezing process, allowing the insects to drift off into stasis and experience no fear, pain, or panic during harvesting.



Recipe Ready Adult Crickets – $8/100g

Recipe Ready Mealworms – $12/100g

The Bug Chef’s Choice, Young Crickets – 12/100g

For a list of our Exotic Insects, Please Inquire


World Ento’s Cricket Flour Product Line

“Chocolate Chirp” Pancake Mix – $25 (Makes 30+ pancakes)

“Chocolate Chirp” Brownie Mix – $22 (Makes 30+ brownies)

“Chocolate Chirp” Cookie Mix – $21 (Makes 30+ cookies)

We can create custom instant recipes to order



Cricket Enriched Baking Flour – By Request

Mealworm Flour – By Request


Edible Insect Snacks

Coming Soon!


Paleo Diet Products

Coming Soon!



Pure Cricket and Mealworm Powder Available Upon Request

Please Inquire at for Wholesale Pricings



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